What IS a WeStretch Routine?

So, you’ve found us! Welcome to WeStretch! :D



We wanted to give you a quick run-though of what an average routine would look like, so you know exactly what you’re getting into! For this example, we’re going to do a nice little fifteen-minute routine!


Let's get started!


The first thing you’re going to do is hit the “Set Time” button. If you want to stretch longer or shorter, you’ll spin the dial here, kind of like an old rotary phone!


This next page is where premium users get to have a bit of fun- they get to go in and customize their routines! Want a badminton warm-up so that you can annihilate the twelve-year-old who challenged you on the court?? (Or maybe you used up all of your energy and threw out your back from doing that, so you only want to do poses where you can sit on the floor and work on getting your back straightened out? :P) You'll hit the red button, which will either say "Skip Customization" or "Generate Routine" (if you selected anything.)


Check the little globe at the bottom of the next page. If you’re in the mood to exercise in a more traditional spot, Ada’s gym is perfect for you! If you’re having a bit of wanderlust, our premium users can check out our Alberta tour, featuring some of the whimsical, wacky, and wonderful places of our province. Now let’s get stretching by hitting "Start"! :D


You’ll follow along with Ada as best as you can, grabbing on to a chair or table if you need some help with balance. Every routine is different, (it's generated by artificial intelligence!) but the average 15-minute stretch has about 84 positions in it. Don’t be scared, though! That is just fourteen different poses, each done six times each!


We do it this way for three reasons:

  1. You get more movement in! (Or what we love to call stretchercize! ;P)
  2. Physiotherapists say that repetition with stretches is the best way to get joints lubricated. While we gradually increase the hold time, we start off with just a 1-second hold. You may think this is too quick but the science is there and we want to avoid injury and ensure your safety!
  3. It’s much less boring than sitting in the same pose for a minute. (Because yoga is great, but staying in Warrior 1 for five minutes is near torture! XD)


With the first few poses, you may feel like nothing is happening. That’s okay! It’s designed to be too easy to start out- you don’t start by running a marathon but rather by walking around the block. The more you stretch and the longer your routines get, the more you’ll feel your body get warmer and moving freer!


In a normal routine, you’ll have a mix of standing and floor poses- not only does this help to ensure that we get every joint moving in every direction, but the motion between sitting and standing is a form of exercise using your body weight! Who would have thought??


The other thing you’ll notice is that you don’t often do the same stretches on both sides in each routine.

This is on purpose- it gives some variety and spice! After all, when you shoulder check when driving, you don’t immediately turn the other way to balance out, do you?

Don’t worry, though! The other side will come up in one of the next routines you do- it just means you have to keep stretching! ;P


A few other tips and tricks:

To hear Ada’s narration, you need to have your ringer on. If you want to stretch in ninja-stealth mode, though, leave it off, and turn closed captioning on in the bottom left of the screen!

Want a more Zen atmosphere? Put on some soothing music before you start to give you a mindful stretching session!

Looking to have a more upbeat routine? Find some of your favourite energetic tunes to get you bouncing!

While you can treat this like a full work-out, it’s also cool if you hang out in your jeans and only squeeze in a short session. Any amount of stretching is better than none at all!

And just remember- "Stretching is Believing!"


We hope this was helpful and that you enjoy stretching with us! If you’d like us to add anything to this page or would just like to say hello, feel free to reach out to us on social media or to email us at support@westretch.ca !:)




Written by Kayla Willsey