WeStretch: The Stretching App

WeStretch: The Stretching App

Everyday stretches for everyday people.

Why WeStretch?

Everyone knows they need to exercise, but it’s a daunting task for many. We created WeStretch as a simple, safe, and effective way to get moving. Our stretches are customized and methodically created for you, all while helping your entire body feel its best. You can stretch as little or as much as you like, and while your routine will start off easy, it will progress alongside you so that you are never bored and can stay motivated. All our stretches are physio-approved and are excellent for all ages and body types. WeStretch because we want you to be pain-free and to live to your fullest potential!

Why Choose Us

Simple and Quick to Get Started

All you have to do is set the amount of time you have. That’s it. No setting your weight, height, birthday, weekend plans, or your mother’s maiden name. Just set the time and begin working out.

Smart and Reliable AI Engine

How often have you started a workout program, only to stop using it a week in? Maybe you took a month long break and now you need to reshuffle everything around. WeStretch remembers your workouts and builds your routines based on YOU.

Life-Long App

WeStretch is designed to be used at any age, from age 5 to 95 and every stage of life in between. It will always build you new, refreshingly unique routines so that you never see the same routine twice. You deserve to feel good, regardless of age, so that whether you’re playing basketball with friends, sitting at a desk, or entertaining grandkids, you will feel your very best.

Built for Regular People

WeStretch isn’t just for people who can do the splits, and balance on their toes. Our app is designed for everyday people. Have 10 minutes between meetings? Workout in your office, using just your smartphone. It’s that easy!

Loving the app. When I am stretching regularly, my left hip and hamstring stop acting up… shocking I know

Scott Wallace.

When I started using WeStretch as part of my daily morning routine, I soon found I was motivated to make better, healthier choices through the day. I felt I was “off to a good start.”

Theresa from Amherstburg, Ontario

Just came from my Physio appt. (I’m on a 2 month maintenance schedule) She commented on the big improvement in the flexibility of my upper spine. (Which I didn’t even realize was a problem!) She commented twice on that, so I’m assuming it must be fairly noticeable. Then she commented on the improvement of neck movement. The neck thing has caused me lots of problems and is the reason for my Physio treatments. There is still stiffness but according to [..], there is improvement. So, just thought you’d like to know. Thank you sooo much!


The app is so simple to use, and I am already feeling the benefits.

Andre Garleimer

Easy to follow stretches. I have very little flexibility. Only 2 days, 15 minutes per day. Already I have less pain and feel better. Worth the effort :*)


This is an incredible app. Easy to follow for someone with chronic back issues and used in conjunction with a Physiotherapy program. Love having the program always giving me something new and the reminders, motivation and positive reinforcement! I highly recommend this app to anyone, with an injury to rehab or just as part of a healthy lifestyle! Thanks We Stretch Team!!


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