WeStretch: The Customizable Stretching App

Ada doing a lunge while stretching her arm across her body.
Ada doing a deep squat with her arms behind her head.
Ada doing a squat with her arms raised above her head.

WeStretch: The Customizable Stretching App

Everyday stretches for everyday people. Move and feel better in minutes! Download for free today!

The WeStretch logo- a stick figure doing a one-armed plank, with the other arm extended into the air.

Feel better in minutes with WeStretch, your personalized stretching app!

Tired of feeling stiff and sore? WeStretch offers customizable daily stretching routines that give you more energy, help you to move better, and to relieve pain.


It’s easy to get started!

  1. Download WeStretch!

    WeStretch is available from both the App Store or Google Play. (Or check it out on our desktop browser app!)

  2. Select your customizations. 

    Stretch anywhere from 3- 60 minutes, and with the PRO subscription, choose Pain Relief, Sport-Improvement, Aerobic routines and more!

  3. Get stretching! 

    You will physically feel better after one routine, and you will be able to see noticeable results in your flexibility after consistently stretching for one week!


Download WeStretch today to see how good you can really feel!

Ada standing with her arms raised above her head and fingers interlocked.
Ada stretching the fingers of one hand by applying pressure with the other hand.
Ada in a knee sit, pulling her arm behind her back for a deeper stretch.
Ada doing a straddle sit, leaning over one of her legs to grab her toes.
Ada celebrating the completion of another stretching routine.

Why Choose WeStretch?

WeStretch is free!

The WeStretch app is free to download and use! Our goal is to get the entire world stretching, so that is why everyone has access to one free complete stretching routine every day, regardless of length.


Want to take your stretching to the next level?


If you are looking for additional stretching routines or specific customizations, such as stretching out your sore back or hips, WeStretch offers a PRO subscription for $49.99 CAD a year. (We know that is too cheap, so we will eventually be raising our prices. Basically, subscribe now and be grandfathered in at that rate!)


Download WeStretch today to see just how good you can really feel or check us out on your desktop browser!

Easy to get started with easy stretches.

Once you sign in, all you have to do is set your time and choose your customizations. That’s it!

Your daily stretching routine uses poses chosen specifically for you to keep you safe and feeling your best. Stretching doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

Anyone can stretch at any age!

WeStretch offers easy stretches that everyone can do. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 95- WeStretch is the daily stretching routine app for you!

With our many customizations and routine types, you can create the perfect set of stretches for yourself. You deserve to feel good, so that whether you’re playing basketball with friends, sitting at a desk, or entertaining grandkids, you will feel your very best.

Reduce pain in minutes.

You know that feeling when you tweak your back, but your chiropractor can’t fit you in until next week? Luckily, that’s where WeStretch comes in! We offer several types of pain relief routines, which help you through different stretching exercises so that you can feel good until your chiropractor can see you.

Learn more about how stretching relieves pain!

No fancy equipment or gym membership required.

Home workouts seem like a great idea… until you don’t have the pile of fancy equipment at your fingertips. WeStretch offers easy stretching routines you can do at home without any fancy clothes or equipment. All you need is a little bit of space to move around in to improve your functional strength, extend your range of motion, and relieve pain.

(The best thing is that your stretching sessions don’t have to be long to be effective! Every little bit of stretching will help you feel great!)

Unique stretching routines- never the same routine twice!

No one likes to be bored while they exercise- and we are no exception! WeStretch custom-builds each routine for you using a unique algorithm. Each stretch is chosen based off of your stretching history and which joints need to be worked on next. Because of that, WeStretch is the best free stretching app and it will help you to move like your younger self!

Loving the app. When I am stretching regularly, my left hip and hamstring stop acting up… shocking I know

Scott Wallace.

When I started using WeStretch as part of my daily morning routine, I soon found I was motivated to make better, healthier choices through the day. I felt I was “off to a good start.”

Theresa from Amherstburg, Ontario

Just came from my Physio appt. (I’m on a 2 month maintenance schedule) She commented on the big improvement in the flexibility of my upper spine. (Which I didn’t even realize was a problem!) She commented twice on that, so I’m assuming it must be fairly noticeable. Then she commented on the improvement of neck movement. The neck thing has caused me lots of problems and is the reason for my Physio treatments. There is still stiffness but according to [..], there is improvement. So, just thought you’d like to know. Thank you sooo much!


The app is so simple to use, and I am already feeling the benefits.

Andre Garleimer

Easy to follow stretches. I have very little flexibility. Only 2 days, 15 minutes per day. Already I have less pain and feel better. Worth the effort :*)


This is an incredible app. Easy to follow for someone with chronic back issues and used in conjunction with a Physiotherapy program. Love having the program always giving me something new and the reminders, motivation and positive reinforcement! I highly recommend this app to anyone, with an injury to rehab or just as part of a healthy lifestyle! Thanks We Stretch Team!!


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Ada stretching her leg by pulling her heel to her bum with her other arm outstretched to the side.
Ada bending forward, with her arms behind her, fingers interlaced.
Ada doing a lunge while stretching her arm across her body.
Ada doing a straddle sit, leaning over one of her legs to grab her toes.
Ada celebrating that you've finished a stretching routine.

FAQs about WeStretch: The Stretching App.

Lost Access to Sign in with Your Facebook Account?
If you signed into WeStretch with a Facebook account linked to your email, and you lost access to the account, follow these steps to get back to stretching in no time!
  1. Hit the "Forgot Password?" button on the "Login" screen.
  2. Enter the email address that was connected to your Facebook account.
  3. Open your mailbox for that email address and click on the "Lost your password?" email.
  4. Copy the verification code from that email, return to the app and input the code in the spot asking for the verification code. Tap the "Submit" button.
  5. Create a new password, confirm the password, and hit the "Reset" button.
You should be able to access the app now! If troubles persist, please reach out to support@westretch.ca to further troubleshoot.
What are the points for?
There are two main types of points you can earn: personal and friend points. Personal points include:
  • Stretch time. You earn 1 point for every minute you stretch.
  • Consecutive days. You earn 1 point for every consecutive day you stretch.
  • Consecutive weeks. You earn a bonus 100 points for every 7 days you stretch in a row.
  • Active challenges. You earn 1 point per day for each unique person you are in a challenge with.
Friend points include:
  • Friend points.  You earn friend points when you are in an active challenge. Regardless of the challenge workout time, you will earn 1 point for each minute your challenger stretched. For example, if your active challenge is for 15 minutes daily, but your friend only stretched 10 minutes, you will earn 10 points. Likewise, if they stretch for 30 minutes, you will earn 30 friend points.
Help! I lost my stretching streak!
Life happens. If you wake up and realize you missed stretching yesterday (which is incredibly devestating when you're near 100 days in a row!), Ada will offer a chance to buy back your streak. It's available the moment you have 7+ consecutive days, but ONLY available for the day after you missed. E.g. Say you're at 27 days in a row and the next day you wake up to pure chaos. You forget to stretch, which will reset your streak back to 1. If you get the Missed Day Token, your tally will continue as if yesterday didn't exist, as long as you remember to stretch today. (Meaning, you'll be at day 28, NOT day 29.)
How does WeStretch help with pain?
A lot of pain stems from inflammation and muscle tightness, among other things. When you stretch, you allow your blood to flow to the areas of concern, which clears out the old blood, supplies additional nutrients and oxygen to the afflicted areas, and allows the muscles to release their tension. Our goal at WeStretch is to help you stretch every joint in every direction, covering muscles that you might have missed in your own exercise. While you might notice your pain lessened after one stretching session, the improvements will become greater the more regularly you stretch!
How to use Westretch and the PRO subscription
The download of the WeStretch app is free. The free version gives registered users daily customized routines. Upgrading to PRO as part of a subscription gives registered users all the PRO features. If you opt for a subscription, as per the 3 options (monthly, quarterly & yearly), you pay the fixed price for your country which is displayed in the app. The subscription will be renewed automatically if it is not canceled within the last 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your App Store or Google Play account will be charged for each new term within 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current subscription. The current term of In-App subscriptions cannot be canceled. You can disable the automatic renewal via your App Store or Google Play account settings at any time.
What are the benefits of stretching?
Here are just a few of the many benefits of stretching:
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve posture
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve joint health
  • Release tension and stress
  • Boost your energy
  • Reverse signs of aging
  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Ease hip flexor strain
  • Increase blood flow
  • Decrease tension headaches
  • Reduce pain
  • Exercise in a simple and obtainable way
  • Improve your mood
Who can use WeStretch?
WeStretch is designed for anyone trying to regain or maintain joint health, improve flexibility, or those who simply love to stretch! Providing level-appropriate, customized routines to help you feel your best, WeStretch is here for everyone, regardless of age, physical limitations, body type, or activity level. From high level atheletes, to office workers with cerebral palsy, to aging grandmas: WeStretch has a routine for you!
What makes WeStretch different from other stretching apps?
WeStretch is the only app that merges the science of kinesiology and the foundations of yoga and Pilates into a daily guided health and wellness stretching routine using artificial intelligence. Since we knew how boring and repetitive many stretching routines can be, our algorithms are designed to ensure that you are constantly stretching different muscles and joints. You may notice that you only stretch one side during a routine- that was on purpose! You will stretch the opposite side in one of your next routines, but this keeps variety in each of your stretching sessions! WeStretch was designed with the help of a physiotherapist, so you can rest assured that every pose is safe to do and will help you feel your best! Want to know more about why WeStretch is the best stretching app? Click here!