About WeStretch

WeStretch is a stretching app for those who choose to make movement, flexibility, balance and wellbeing a priority. A unique and innovative app that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to create comprehensive, custom routines, WeStretch has simplified stretching by allowing technology to do the work and plan out every routine.

The app offers on-demand, physio approved stretches delivering several routines with poses demonstrated by a virtual instructor. From sports improvement and aerobic to strengthening and pain and rehab routines, WeStretch is designed to encourage and advance users’ flexibility and mobility as they progress within the app, achieving positive results.

WeBananas Software Inc/WeStretch was started by Karen, a business owner in Grande Prairie, Alberta, computer science geek and mom of 6. Karen wanted to get people stretching so she took matters into her own hands and created WeStretch.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the only stretching app using Artificial Intelligence using completely custom routines for our users, improving users mobility, flexibility, and general wellbeing.

We believe that integrating physiotherapist approved poses and an agile interface allows users to foster stretching as medicine within their day-to-day lives.

Our Purpose

Empower others to improve their flexibility, mobility and quality of life, on their own terms.

Our Founder’s Story

WeStretch by We Bananas Software Inc. was founded by Grande Prairie, Alberta local Karen Willsey. A local business owner, computer programmer and mother of 6, Karen’s goal was to get the whole world moving.

WeStretch was made possible after months of planning and a chance encounter with an experienced computer programmer who moved to the Grande Prairie area.

A local physiotherapist worked with Karen to develop stretches that moved every joint in every direction, resulting in a database of over 6,000 stretches.

On June 10, 2019, WeStretch was released to the public and has grown to include a dedicated user base of over 20,000 people from around the world.

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