The innovative Fitness App, WeStretch, Applies Unique Algorithms to Keep Users Young.

May 13, 2019, Press Release – If there is one physical activity with the potential to slow down the effects of aging, it’s the simple act of stretching. With stretching, anyone can increase flexibility, improve posture, release tension and stress, develop a full range of motion, prevent injuries, reduce pain, and boost energy levels overall. However, the challenge is how to create a fun and effective stretching routine. That’s where WeStretch comes in to help in just minutes a day!

This is our solution to improve stretching.

A revolutionary new workout app called ‘WeStretch,’ developed by WeBananas Software, Inc. is here to help! This app uses an algorithm that creates custom, unique stretching routines for everyone. WeStretch was designed to help anyone reap the benefits of static stretching, regardless of their age or fitness level. With user safety in mind, WeStretch developers worked closely with a registered physiotherapist in the app’s development.

To get started, users need only set the number of minutes they have available to stretch. Then they can start stretching- it’s really that simple! The app calculates the best routine for you in that time frame. Whenever you use WeStretch, it picks up where you last left off, which ensures no joint will be forgotten.

Whether you have a sore back, you need to warm up for your basketball game or you just want a little extra movement, WeStretch has stretching exercises for you! Check out the different types of stretching routines and customizations available with a premium subscription!

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated.

WeStretch founder, Karen Willsey, says, “Exercise does not have to complicate your calendar. People wonder if they can fit a stretching routine into their day.

“Stretching is a simple and enjoyable exercise that can be done by nearly every person at every age. It is an effective means to keep your body and mind healthy. WeStretch makes it incredibly simple for anyone to start stretching. All WeStretch routines advance at a natural, yet challenging pace to help users increase their flexibility over time.”

Karen noted many people using exercise apps have difficulty keeping up when they have to read instructions. This one-of-a-kind app allows people to progress at their own pace based on their personalized profile settings. WeStretch will lubricate every joint and will guide you through each session. Offering audio instructions, simple-to-follow demonstrations, and closed captioning from our animated instructor, Ada, WeStretch makes it easy for people to follow along and stretch.

Stretching doesn’t have to be a solo sport!

WeStretch also features challenges where users can invite friends and family to create their own stretching routine. This keeps everyone accountable to stretch, complete with progress tracking and the ability to remind your friends to stretch. In addition to the individual challenges, WeStretch features Group Challenges. With a premium subscription, you can challenge up to 49 people at once, so you can see who is truly the ultimate stretcher!

WeStretch is a tremendous tool to improve the quality of life for all users – regardless of their current fitness level. If you would like to learn more about stretching, check out our Ultimate Guide to Stretching. WeStretch also offers strength training with our strengthening routines as well as the opportunity to improve flexibility with our split-focused routines.

Turn back your body’s clock and move like your younger self!

Download WeStretch from the App Store or Google Play today!

Updated May 19, 2021