You know that you want to stretch but you may not know where to start. WeStretch is the best stretching app for you, that will custom-build each routine to help you stretch daily without injury!

WeStretch was created as a way for Karen to able to address her own aches and relieve pains from aging. She had tried cross-fit and yoga, but cross-fit was too difficult to maintain, and yoga often sent her to the chiropractor.

Since Karen loves to solve problems, she designed an algorithm that would methodically help her stretch every part of her body, and WeStretch was born.

The elements of a great stretching app.

Easy to use.

No one likes using apps that have 15 steps just to get started. With WeStretch, once you get logged in, all you have to do is to set the length of time you have to stretch, any customizations you want for that routine, and hit start!

Unique, custom routines.

Every routine is unique and you will never get the same one twice! This keeps stretching engaging while making sure every joint is stretched regularly.

Anyone can stretch.

Anyone and everyone can stretch. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never moved a day before in your life or if you’re an Olympic athlete. WeStretch’s routines are designed to work for you!

WeStretch is the best app for everyone, as the variety of people who stretch with us is immense. From grade 5 students in a gym class to grandmas fresh out of hip surgery, to world-class Irish dancers- there are stretching exercises for everyone!

Improved overall wellness.

Regular stretching will increase your range of motion, improve your overall circulation, and help you to feel your best. You will become more flexible, your mobility will improve, and you will have more energy. By stretching, you allow your muscles to release tension and relax, improving the quality of your sleep. The best part is that by adding physical activity into your day, you can reduce anxiety and stress!

Engaging routines.

Apart from having a different routine every time, the variety of routines keeps stretching engaging. There are 9 different types of stretching routines to help improve flexibility! Ada, our virtual trainer, keeps you moving at a moderate pace. This keeps your routines from becoming stagnant and fits more stretches in per minute!

Fit your schedule.

One of the best things about the WeStretch app is the ability to set your stretching time. Any routine can be done from anywhere to 3-60 minutes. While we normally recommend stretching for at least 7 minutes to get your blood flowing and a well-rounded routine, any time stretching is good!

Three minutes may not seem like a lot, but it’s significantly more than 0 minutes! With the premium subscription, you can do as many routines as you like in a day- which means you can have multiple stretching breaks while you work to keep you feeling good and prevent workplace injuries!

WeStretch is also a great activity to do at any time of day. If you are an early bird, stretch when you wake up to start the day right! Night owl? Complete a stretching routine before bed to help you sleep. If you’re ever bored in the middle of the day, do a stretch as a mental reset.

Stretching is easy to fit into your home routine, or even at the office or on vacation! Stretch wherever and whenever works best for you!


Like a good challenge? WeStretch has two options to keep you on your toes!

The Leaderboard

See how you rank among the top stretchers! Did you stretch for the most minutes this week? Are you leading with the highest number of routines completed this month? How many consecutive days are you at? (Our current leaders are over 450 days in a row- are you up to the challenge?)

Personal challenges

Does your mom want to stretch, but needs a little extra motivation? Challenge her to a one-on-one stretching challenge! Set how long you want the challenge to run for and the number of minutes you need to stretch daily. Not only does this hold you accountable, since someone can see if you haven’t stretched today, but it’s also a fun way to stay connected with your loved ones.

Options for additional customization.

What makes WeStretch the best stretching app out there is our ability to customize your routine! While we have options for every sport and overall wellness, we offer the option to adjust routines to your specific needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a broken wrist or have trouble getting to the floor. You have the option to remove certain joints and poses from your workout!

One of our super-users has cerebral palsy and has found that he can now move better than ever before. Liette, a grandma who stretches for her health, recently needed hip surgery and is already back, doing her modified stretches.

No instructor bias.

Unfortunately, in many cases, with a live instructor, there are cases where if someone is outside of the “fitness norms,” they are treated differently, either consciously or by an unconscious bias. It could be that because of their weight, they are perceived as incapable and given more demeaning exercises, regardless of capability. Men in yoga classes are often pushed harder through routines, due to their perceived strength, which can cause severe injuries.

Since Ada is animated, she is unable to be biased. The routines she gives you are based on your previous stretching history and your current level of activity- not your weight, gender, or any other factor. While she purposefully starts routines too easy, you will not get injured with her stretches.

Earn badges.

Who didn’t love getting a sticker on an assignment in elementary school? With WeStretch, you can earn a variety of badges!

Some are easy, like completing your first routine or issuing a challenge to someone. Others will push you, like completing a routine using only the plank pose or stretching for 200 consecutive days. Either way, these badges help you celebrate your achievements on your way to feeling great!

Tour around Alberta.

This feature is unique to WeStretch! Ada tours you some of the best-known highlights around Alberta, Canada. From the Three Sisters Mountain in Canmore to Pinto McBean in Bow Island, you’ll stretch in front of some amazing attractions.

Download WeStretch today on Google Play or the App Store and see for yourself exactly what makes WeStretch the best stretching app for you!

Written by Kayla Willsey

Updated June 16, 2021