Many people know they should stretch, but they struggle with getting started. The first step to building a stretching habit is to make it as easy and fun as possible in the beginning. To help you on your stretching journey, we have created a thirty-day stretching challenge for you!

Your thirty-day challenge starts off with just doing a 3-minute stretch- and it will be too easy! The point is not to strain your body from day one, but rather to build up your strength, mobility, and range of motion.

Every day will add a minute and will guide you through several of WeStretch’s various routine styles. This challenge is designed to help you earn several stretching badges, but be sure to check the full list of possible badges. You might just be able to earn a few bonus ones along the way!

Be sure to keep in mind that you can customize your routines as needed for what works best for you! If breaking down your routine length works best for you, excluding a certain joint, or even picking a different style of routine is better for you, then do it! The important part is just getting in the habit of daily stretching. (We suggest stretching at the same time every day!)

Here is a printable PDF version of our Thirty-Day Stretching Challenge Printable, so you can keep track of your progress. Stick it to your fridge or leave it on your bedroom dresser to help you remember!

30- Day Stretching Challenge

Day 1

3-minutes Fundamental routine

Day 2

4-minute Work Related – Break Time

Day 3

5-minute Sport Warm Up – Walking

Day 4

6-minute Aerobic – Easy Aerobic

Day 5

7-minute Strengthening – Beginner Strengthening

Day 6

8-minute Fundamental routine, filtering out all poses except the Cat pose.

Day 7

9-minutes Pre & Post Natal – First & Second Trimester. (While this style of routine is normally geared towards pregnant people, it is great for seniors, folks with balance problems, or those who need to be careful while getting up and down.)

Day 8

10-minute Pain Relief & Rehab – Back Pain – Full Spine

Day 9

11-minutes Aerobic – General Aerobic

Day 10

12-minute Fundamental routine, but remove a specific joint or pose, such as the Plank pose.

Day 11

13-minute Sport Cool Down – Swimming.

Day 12

14-minute Work Related – Posture Improvement

Day 13

15-minute Strengthening – Intermediate Strengthening

Day 14

16-minute Sport Improvement – Ballet – Right & Left Splits

Day 15

17-minute Aerobic – Advanced Aerobic

Day 16

18-minute Pain Relief & Rehab – Neck Pain – Neck & Shoulders

Day 17

19-minute Work Related – Quick Paced Warm Up

Day 18

20 minutes, done as 2 different 10-minute Fundamental routines. The first one is done by using only standing poses (filtering out the floor poses), and the second is done using only floor poses (filtering out the standing poses.)

Day 19

21-minute Sport Warm Up – Jumps

Day 20

22-minute Sport Improvement – Cycling

Day 21

23-minute Sport Cool Down – Your choice!

Day 22

24-minute Pre & Post Natal – Postnatal

Day 23

25-minute Aerobic – Founder’s Favourite

Day 24

26-minute Pain Relief & Rehab – Hip Pain – Both Hips

Day 25

27-minute Strengthening – Advanced Strengthening

Day 26

28-minute Work Related – Mobility and Joint Health

Day 27

29-minute Fundamental – Filter out lunges and planks from your routine on the pose customization screen.

Day 28

30 minutes of your choice of routine!

Day 29

31-minute Pain Relief & Rehab – Your choice!

Day 30

32-minutes, done as 3 different routines:

1. 10-minute Sport Warm Up – Wrestling

2. 12-minute Pain Relief & Rehab – Hip Pain

3. 10-minute Sport Improvement – Irish Dance – Middle Splits

After thirty days, notice how good you are feeling. You’ll notice that your balance has improved you’ve improved your flexibility, and your energy has increased as well! Your sleep quality may have improved and you will feel like your younger self!

If you loved your thirty-day flexibility challenge and want to let us know, send us an email at [email protected] or join our Facebook Group!

If you haven’t experienced WeStretch yet, get started by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, then create an account to track your progress. We look forward to stretching with you!

Written by Kayla Willsey