Are you ready to add some flavor to your fitness routine in 2023? At WeStretch, we believe that stretching is the “spice” of fitness. Just like how adding spice to your food can elevate the taste, stretching can elevate your fitness game. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little spice in their life? At WeStretch, we’re always keeping up with the latest health, wellness, and fitness trends. That’s why we’ve combined our stretching expertise with what the health and fitness experts are calling “trendy” in 2023.

Stretching is key in this year’s fitness trends, from affordable subscriptions to at-home routines, wearable tech, strength-building, and meditation. Don’t underestimate stretching; it’s the underdog of fitness, and we believe it should be part of your daily routine.

Here are just a few of the latest 2023 fitness trends we think you can also incorporate with WeStretch:

Fitness at Home: One of the hottest fitness trends of 2023 is working out at home, and that’s where WeStretch really shines. WeStretch is available wherever you are – at home e, work, on the go-go – so you can stretch anytime, anywhere. It’s that simple.

Strength is life: Incorporating stretching is crucial for lifting weights without strain or injury, but we’re not suggesting you give up those hefty dumbbells that have given you strong arms. Stretching will allow you to keep your flexibility and mobility in fine form. A win-win.

Affordable Fitness: For as low as $4.16/month, our annual WeStretch subscription is the best bang for your buck because it allows you to stretch ’til your heart’s content. Stretching prevents injury and strain, enabling you to continue training for a marathon or recovering from body pain. From sports improvement, warm up and cool down to pain relief and rehab, aerobic and so much more, we have over 6,500 stretches to pick from. All driven by Artificial Intelligence, so it’s also one sophisticated app.

Stretching is a form of Meditation: Not very many people think stretching is exercise, but even more people had no clue that it’s good for your mental health. You hear us, the simple act of stretching has shown to increase serotonin levels, the hormone that helps stabilize your mood, reduce stress and overall, makes us just feel good. Even committing to a 3-5 minute stretch per day with WeStretch, and your day will be that much better.

Mobility Stretches: Mobility training is working to improve your ability to safely move a muscle or muscle group through a range of motion within a joint. Developing your mobility helps improve functional movement, prevent injuries, reduce pain, and more. This is quite literally one of WeStretch’s biggest benefits that we offer including flexibility and balance. Stretching has so many benefits, mobility stretches just happen to be one of them.


Wait…there is more!


Workout Stacking: This is definitely one of the hottest trends this 2023, thanks to Peloton who started offering this feature with their equipment. We’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t forget to stack stretching on top of your daily workouts. The last thing you want to do is waste all that time and effort you’ve put into working out by injuring yourself because you didn’t stretch. Show your muscles and ligaments some love too.

Wearable Technology: We haven’t come out with our own WeStretch wearable technology (don’t be surprised if we do one day!), but we do believe that you should be tracking every workout if collecting data and workout history is your thing. Tracking your stretches is essential as it is a functional exercise and a type of mobility training, as mentioned earlier. Stretch, track, and reap those exercise and movement rewards.

Reframing Exercise as Movement: According to a article, in 2023, people will start to redefine what counts as “exercise” is. “While a “workout” typically brings to mind running or doing squats, the new year is all about expanding the definition to include things like walking your dog, playing basketball, dancing to music, etc. We’d like to include stretching in that lineup. Let’s change our perception of exercise and treat our bodies the way they deserve to be treated. Stretch those muscles, increase your mobility and flexibility and your future self will thank you.

Rest & Recovery: This is a big one because more people don’t allow for enough of these in between working out, whatever a workout looks like to you. Enter WeStretch, soon to be your BFF, because our app is all about rest and recovery. Slowing down in between workouts is an essential part of a healthy fitness routine. There are actual businesses where you can go and get assisted stretching, so may we suggest that you spend less of your money, subscribe to WeStretch, and learn how to do simple stretches at home, on your own terms. Subscribe today and you won’t be disappointed.


So let’s make 2023 the year of spice and stretch!


Download WeStretch today and let’s add some flavor to your fitness routine. And who knows, maybe you’ll even become a stretching trendsetter…for 2024!