Golf season is upon us, and everyone wants to play better than they did last year. While you may improve the more you play, WeStretch wants to help you improve your golf game in a safe and efficient way. After all, who doesn’t want to win a round against their friends on a hot summer day?

Golf improvement tips

Learn proper golf mechanics.

Spend some time to find someone that knows about the mechanics of the swing and get a lesson. Generating clubhead speed and hitting the ball with the optimal impact zone requires practice and proper training. Talk to your local golf professional about finding a certified golf instructor.

Use appropriate equipment.

Talk to the golf professionals at your local golf course or the staff at a golf retail shop to find the proper clubs for your size, ability, and swing speed. The right clubs will not only allow you to play better but will also help you avoid injury.

Wear shoes that offer good support and grip. You’ll be standing and walking a lot, so your footwear can determine if you are having a good time or if you’re calling the game early because you’re in pain. As much as riding in a golf cart is plenty of fun and can hold more drinks, one of the huge benefits of playing golf, is the amount of walking required. Fitness as a by-product is a good thing indeed.

Take care of your body.

Taking care of your overall wellness is huge when it comes to playing well. You won’t be able to play as well if you haven’t slept enough or if you haven’t been eating enough high-quality energy-producing foods. Even things like ruminating on a rough day at work can affect your game. Put your health first and your game will improve.

Record yourself.

Set up your phone or a camera to record your swing. All the best teachers in the world will use technology and record your swing. It is much easier to notice the things that you are doing right and the things that you can improve when you can watch your swing. If you have a hard time finding an instructor, you can always use the recording to submit to an instructor on the line and get the tips that you need.

Strengthen your body.

Improving your overall strength will help your golf game. This isn’t about packing on a lot of muscle, but rather toning what you have. A strong core will help with your rotation and stronger arms and legs will afford you more power and strength in your swing.

Stretch- before and after playing.

When you stretch before a round of golf, you warm your body up and work through your range of motion. This prevents injuries and allows you to play better from the beginning. This is especially important if you don’t have time to hit the driving range before playing.

After golf, stretching allows your muscles to cool down. It supplies fresh oxygen and blood cells to areas that might need repairing, which prevents soreness later and speeds recovery.

How does WeStretch help to improve your golf game at home?


Like any sport, taking the time to warm up properly before you play is a great way to play well and prevent injuries. In golf, the most common injuries happen in the back, elbows, shoulders, knees, and wrists. While golf is a low-impact sport, tension or improper technique can create pain in your commonly used joints.

WeStretch’s warm-up routines focus on stretches and movements that are specifically selected for golf. Each pose is done once for a brief hold. This stretches the most prominent joints used in golf and the areas that are most likely to be injured, without overworking any muscles.


The cool-down exercises are great after a round of golf- either while you’re still at the course or when you get home. Every pose is held for about 7-10 seconds, which allows your muscles to release tension and promote circulation.

If you want to feel great long after you finish your round of golf, do a 10- 20 minute cool-down stretching routine while listening to your favourite music!

Sport improvement

The sport improvement routines are some of the most powerful stretches. You do each stretch a handful of times for maximum benefit. The first time through each stretch is only a quick warm-up hold, but after that, each pose is held for between 7-30 seconds. This lengthens each muscle and improves your range of motion in each joint.

The beauty of these routines is that you can use them as golf drills that you can do at any time. From amateurs to professional athletes, these golf improvement stretches are a great way to improve your athletic performance, regardless of your fitness level.

Pain relief

While the pain relief routines aren’t golf-specific, they can speed up recovery and get you feeling great again. These routines focus on stretches for specific joints, relieving tension and different types of pain. From chronic pain management to simply wanting to improve blood flow through your body, these stretching exercises will help your body move freely and without pain.

When you wake up with a twinge in your neck or your hip is sore from sitting at work, try one of WeStretch’s pain relief routines, so you can go play golf with ease later.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog explaining our If you want to learn more about the different types of stretching routines offered by WeStretch.

Ready to get started with your new golf exercises? Download WeStretch today to get started!

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Written by Kayla Willsey