What is a WeStretch Strengthening Routine?

Whether you’re bored from not being able to go to the gym or you just want to be able to work out at your own pace, WeStretch’s strengthening routines are perfect for you! We help you strengthen all your muscles, using only your body weight and various movements.


Before we begin, if you don’t yet know what our routines look like, feel free to check out our post explaining what they are!


There are three different levels of strengthening within the customization screen: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Typically, the higher level you go, the more poses you will do within your chosen time frame and the more you will feel the exertion in your body afterwards, even if the poses themselves seem simple.




The beginner strengthening offers two options- the aptly named ‘beginner strengthening’ and the ‘lower body strengthening’. Both routines are relatively simple, offering roughly half stretching poses and half movement poses. While you will often see the same poses pop up within a single routine, the order varies to keep you moving in different ways and to keep you on your toes! You’ll notice there is a lot of going from standing up, to a pose that is about mid-height, such as touching your toes, to getting down to the floor. This is to help you get accustomed to moving between sitting and standing poses, as well as using your body weight to strengthen muscles you might not always notice. If you have trouble getting to your feet quickly, we recommend starting with either the standard WeStretch routine that Ada designs for you or one that focuses on poses that you can do confidently to begin with. The beginner strengthening routines are perfect for those who have just begun to start moving and want to be pushed safely.




Much like how the beginner strengthening offers the two choices of routines, the intermediate offers similar options but with ‘intermediate strengthening’ instead of beginner. These routines will help you to raise your heartrate and get you sweating, but they are still a fun challenge! They have fewer stretching poses overall and more movement, which means that you will be getting up and down a lot more. What is neat about the strengthening routines is that even though their focus is helping you move around for exercise, you’ll still see new poses pop up to keep your muscles nice and flexible! The intermediate strengthening routines are great for people who already do moderate exercise and want just a little bit extra in their day.




The advanced routines offer the choices of doing the advanced level of full-body strengthening and the unique core-specific routine. While the full-body advanced strengthening has the highest number of poses per minute out of all of the strengthening options, the core-specific routine has the least. Both routines will physically push you, with a solid mix of movement and stretching, but a lot of the poses will be in more difficult positions, such as stretching while in a lunge or a plank. While you should be decently quick on your feet to be able to keep up to these routines, you don’t need to be an Olympic level athlete to succeed at them. The poses will be more intense but Ada knows what fitness level you are at and will work to make a routine that is right for you.



With the core strengthening, specifically, it has less poses overall, but uses several stretches to work on your core muscles. You won’t be doing a series of crunchies, but instead will do poses such as holding a plank while stretching your left foot out to the side. This allows you to work on different elements of each core muscle so that you can improve your overall strength!

The movement poses are the base in every routine, strengthening or otherwise. There are 16 of them in total.


 - Standing - T-Pose - Arms Behind Back - Touch Toes - Plank - Knee Sit - Straddle Sit - Cobra -

- Arms Up - Straddle T - Lunge Right - Lunge Left - Cat - Diamond Sit - L Sit - Dead Man -



If you’re curious as to how these count as exercise, try doing all of them, one after another. The movement of the muscles between the poses is enough to raise your heart rate as well as to help you stretch every joint in every direction!

Exercise and strengthening don’t have to be out of your reach. WeStretch offers routines for everybody and every body. What are you waiting for? Give stretching a try today! 😊


Written by Kayla Willsey