Things that stretch

It’s pretty common knowledge that professional athletes swear by stretching before they perform and that physiotherapists always recommend stretching to get you back to feeling good. It isn’t just for the elite, though, and humans aren’t the only ones who get a good stretch in!

Did you know that plants will stretch if they don’t have access to enough sunlight? While this tends to produce lower yields, as the stems are usually thinner, plants will do this to keep themselves alive and healthy!

Cats normally sleep around sixteen hours a day. They stretch to get their blood flowing, much like we do, and it releases endorphins similarly to humans, but it also helps to reduce their anxiety and prepare them for any challenges they might face.

Doesn’t matter the size, a cat is a cat, and the big ones love to stretch just as much as the little ones do!

Dogs stretch to say hello! It shows they are interested, respecting your space, and preparing themselves to play with you!

Giraffes will stretch their neck to reach the juiciest leaves. Evolution taught them that the short-necked giraffes tend to starve to death, so they continue to stretch so future generations won’t go hungry.

Is it really considered stretching when a snake does it? It’s really the only way they can move, after all!

Flamingos will stretch out as social displays. I mean, who doesn’t like an impressive wingspan?;)

No one really knows what pandas do, but they definitely keep lose and limber!

Even your clothing likes to stretch! While not always helpful or wanted, it does help the garment to loosen up a bit!

And these were just to name a few!

We hope these inspire you to get up and get stretching!