Thinking of Premium?


Here are three reasons why you should upgrade:

  1. Endless customizations!

    From focussing on specific injuries, to guiding you through specific sport improvement, to full body strengthening, with Premium, there really is a customization for everyone!

  2. You can stretch as much as you like!

    With Premium, you aren’t limited to one routine a day. You can have a quick three minute stretch every hour if you like!

  3. New places to explore!

    Ada is not only your personal trainer- she’s your tour guide, too! She’ll guide you through the highlights of Alberta, Canada, all from the comfort of your home. (Just between us, but she’s planning out new itineraries as we speak!)

Good health doesn’t have to be out of reach. All it takes is a few minutes of stretching a day to begin feeling your very best.


Stretching boosts your energy, increases your range of motion, and it reduces muscle and joint pain. WeStretch is the ultimate stretching app, with custom-built routines, just for you!


Want to learn more?


Check out the different types of stretching routines that WeStretch offers!

Are you an athlete? WeStretch ofters optimized daily stretches for dozens of different sports!

Got a competitive streak? Create group challenges with WeStretch! Now you can challenge your friend group, your office, or your family- even grandma can get in on the fun!