Thinking of going PRO?


Here are three reasons why you should upgrade:


  1. Endless customizations!

    Target specific joints and remove specific poses from your routines with PRO! Whether you injured your right shoulder or you don’t want to get down on the floor while you stretch, customize your routine so it is exactly right for you!

  2. You can stretch as much as you like!

    With WeStretch PRO, you aren’t limited to one routine a day. You can have a quick three minute stretch every hour if you like!

  3. Different types of stretching routines!

    While the fundamental routine that is available with the free version is great, WeStretch PRO offers eight additional types of stretching routines! You can target specific body parts with a Pain Relief & Rehab routine or gain the splits with a Sport Improvement routine. You can even build up your functional strength with one of WeStretch’s Strengthening routines. There is something for everyone- which one will you try first?


Ada wearing a yellow shirt and doing a side lunge in front of the Three Sisters Mountain.

If you’ve been thinking, “This all sounds great, but I don’t like paying for apps,”


We hear you.


That’s why our fundamental routine will always be free.


That being said, think of how much you might pay in a year (or even a month!) for a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage therapist. WeStretch PRO currently only costs $49.99 CAD a year, which is about the cost of one chiropractor appointment or a fancy coffee each month. (You can also choose option of $8.49 CAD/month or $17.99 CAD/quarterly.)


Kayla, a stretcher who has reached a 380 consecutive day streak, noticed that she went from seeing a chiropractor every other week to not needing an appointment for FIVE MONTHS, simply from incoporating daily stretching into her schedule.


She’s not the only one who’s noticed a difference.


Chris found that he could move without his daily pain caused by cerebral palsy.

Kim can walk up and down the stairs easier, despite her severe knee problems.

Even 70-year-old Liette was able to safely climb through a window without getting hurt due to her increased mobility!


What will your success story be?


Remember, good health doesn’t have to be out of reach. All it takes is a few minutes of stretching a day to begin feeling your very best.

Stretching boosts your energy, increases your range of motion, and it reduces muscle and joint pain. WeStretch is the ultimate stretching app, with custom-built routines, just for you!


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Got a competitive streak? Create group challenges with WeStretch! Now you can challenge your friend group, your office, or your family- even grandma can get in on the fun!