Everybody, Meet Ada. 👋

Ada is your new, virtual instructor.

She will guide you through your routine with both visual and audio instruction and will track and display your progress. Follow her along in the WeStretch app. She takes the guesswork out of exercise.

What is WeStretch?

WeStretch is Ada!

WeStretch is the app that merges the science of kinesiology and the foundations of yoga and Pilates into a daily guided health and wellness stretching routine using artificial intelligence (AI).

Our guided stretches help to prevent injury, reverse the signs of aging, increase flexibility and reduce stress.

With WeStretch, all of these benefits are at your fingertips without the need for classes, gyms or equipment.

Ada makes it simple to follow her along and stretch! She will give you audio and visual cues, and makes safe stretching possible.

You’re in good hands👏

You can be assured that Ada won’t lead you anywhere you can’t go. She starts you off easy,

and lets you gradually work towards a more flexible you!

Curious for more?

Check out the WeStretch Challenges! We have built a fun, simple and effective way to encourage you and your friends to stretch.

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