I tried WeStretch for a week- this is what I found.

The human consciousness is a unique thing. Why can I consciously want to improve, and subconsciously reject all attempts at success? I wanted WeStretch to succeed- and it is a brilliant and unique concept - yet, I didn’t want it to work for me, so I kept delaying when I would use it. Next week. Next month. When I am in pain. When I have free time. Some other time that was not right now, and hopefully would never be.

Definitely not the right attitude.

I decided that I would challenge myself to use the app, as a subject for a post. Only ten minutes a day for seven days. That’s not much, is it? It seems like a reasonable amount- short enough that I might actually do it, and long enough to make it seem like I tried.

My first day trying out the app, I definitely went a little gung-ho. I had some comfy clothes on, and every stretch we did in the ten minutes, I squeezed the other side. If I was going to do this challenge, I was going to do it my way!

It didn’t take long into the routine to notice that my balance was not as good as I thought it was, and that some muscles were tighter than I expected. I am supposed to be in the most limber age group after toddlers, and yet, my legs were tingling after my ten minutes were up! Definitely unexpected, but motivating in a way, too.

The next few days gradually got better- in such a short time, my balance had improved! Not only that, but those sore spots I discovered were beginning to disappear. This minimal amount of movement and stretching was… actually working? Unbelievable!

On the fifth day, I almost skipped. I knew it would break my daily streak, but I was exhausted from a long day of work, it was late, and I wanted to go to sleep. Powering through, I did ten minutes with my eyes half-shut the entire time. Incredibly, all my muscles felt stretched, soothed and relaxed, and I was able to fall dead asleep, almost instantly. When I woke up, I was so glad I kept my streak intact and stuck with it, plus I also felt lovely the next morning, too.

My last day of my challenge, I had a neat revelation once I finished. Before I turned on the app that day, I was sitting lazily on the couch, with several things to do and zero desire to do them. I managed to push myself to go stretch, and the most amazing thing happened afterwards. I had energy and drive. Not only did I immediately begin checking off my to-do list, but I did it with such fervor that I almost scared myself. I was awake and focused and ready to tackle my day.

Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect from this challenge. I didn’t think that only ten minutes would accomplish that much- after all, I can spend ten minutes designing an Instagram post and still be found struggling over hashtags at that point. It allowed my mind to become calm and my body to feel restored. It reawakened long-dormant core muscles and refreshed my centre of balance. It was an easy and achievable goal to work towards, which gives you that sense of self-satisfaction and accomplishment.

Tomorrow, I am going to challenge myself to eleven minutes a day for thirty days. Maybe it will be easy, maybe hard. Either way, it’s not a bad thing. I know WeStretch will succeed and help people feel good in their bodies- after all, I’m allowing it to work for me now.