How to Make Stretching a Habit

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Now comes the challenge of making it a consistent habit, to make it a part of your daily routine, but that can be daunting. How do you even get this change started?

Well, one of the biggest steps is just to start. Don’t wait for next Saturday or until you feel that you have time to commit to it. Like Nike always says: “Just Do It.” It only takes twenty-one days to form a habit, after all!

What might help, too, is determining why you want to start stretching. Think about this, talk about it, write it down- however you best process your thoughts. This easy goal-setting only needs a few minutes. Maybe you want to be able to touch your toes again. Maybe you don’t want to be in pain after playing with the kids in the yard. Maybe you want to do some form of exercise but running or the gym is just too daunting. Whatever the reason is, having a goal to look forward to will help keep you on track.

The other side of that is to think of some of the excuses as to why you won’t stretch and dispel them. You don’t have enough time? You can find little pockets of thirty seconds. Don’t have a dedicated space for it? People have stretched in kitchens, parks and bathrooms- find your own little corner! You feel fine without stretching right now? Awesome! But what about in five years? Ten? Fifty? Plan for the future!

One of the biggest elements of achieving any goal is to mentally accomplish it. By determining why you want to stretch and squashing the excuses, you have started on your path to success. The next step is to start believing that you will succeed. Believe in yourself, that you can make a habit of stretching, that you are looking forward to how wonderful your body will feel. One of the best ways to do this is to focus  your thoughts on this right before you go to sleep. By thinking of how you will do it, imagining your body going through the motions before you sleep will help the thought enter your subconscious and allow you to succeed with ease.

Great! You have the will and desire to stretch and your goals to accomplish! What next?

Here are some ways that you can add some structure to your goals that will help you:

Do it for Thirty Days

Exactly as the name says, make a goal to stretch everyday for thirty days. Try starting with three minutes a day and add a minute every day. It helps build the habit, and even once you reach the end of the thirty days, you’re only a few minutes over a half an hour! Totally manageable.

Challenge Someone

WeStretch has a neat feature built in, where you can challenge friends and family to stretching competitions! Having that desire to beat someone by having a longer stretching session than them or having an unbroken streak longer can be a great motivator.

Set Time Aside

The consistency of a schedule can help you keep to your goals. Can you wake up an extra fifteen minutes earlier to get stretched and ready for your day? Want to stretch for ten minutes to quiet your mind before going to sleep? Maybe you want to use part of your lunch break to stretch and reset for the afternoon? All of these are wonderful times, and all have different advantages!

Think of Mini-Goals

You aren’t going to become a yoga master overnight, but you can be one step closer every day. Think of little goals you can accomplish and give you actual markers to achieve. It can be to touch your toes, to stretch five days in a row, to challenge a friend, to stretch in a park, to stretch while watching a movie, or anything else that is measurable and you want to do.

Make Visual Aides

If you are a visual person, this can be a great help. Create a chart or page with what you want to accomplish and mark down every time you finish a mini goal. It doesn’t have to be boring- you can get creative and colourful if you like! The physical act of checking off your list encourages you to keep going.

Remember through this all, is that you don’t have to do it perfectly the first time. The important thing is to get up and start again. If you get caught up and miss three days in the middle of your thirty-day challenge, it’s okay. Continue where you left off. The only true failure is allowing a temporary pause to become a full stop.


You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Making a habit of stretching regularly is a great way to help yourself form new habits, as well as strengthening your body and improving your physical health.


If you found this article helpful, or you have any tips of your own, please send reach out to us!