Everybody, Meet Ada. 👋


Meet Ada, your virtual personal instructor and stretching coach. She’s the brain-power behind each of your unique customized routines. She methodically moves every joint in every direction over the course of your routines and remembers everything you’ve done.


She’s motivating and full of ideas and encouragement.


As you do more routines, Ada increases the hold time of your poses and introduces you to more advanced ones, creating the most complete, holistic routines available. When you first start stretching, though, don’t worry if things seem a little too easy. Stretching doesn’t need to be difficult to be effective. Ada designs your routines so that you won’t get hurt from stretching- or that you’ll need days to recover afterwards.


Since Ada doesn’t believe in boring, she makes sure that you will never get the same routine twice. After all, variety is the spice of life when you’re stretching every day!


When you meet Ada, keep an eye out for the details.


Ada loves stretching- and she has a wardrobe to match! Whether she feels like wearing hot pink sneakers or a subtle green shirt, Ada loves rocking the gym fashions.


While Ada normally stretches in her gym, she’s got a bit of the travel bug. If you’re looking to travel without leaving your house, Ada can tour you around some of Alberta’s highlights in the Alberta Tour!


Ada can’t wait to meet you, so what are you waiting for? Download WeStretch and meet Ada today!