Learn More About WeStretch: the Stretching App!


WeStretch is a FREE daily stretching routine app with over 5,500 poses and various stretching styles, and we’re sure to have one for you!

If you’re wanting to learn more about WeStretch, you’re in the right place! Discover stretching routines that serve different goals, like:

  • Fundamental stretches, for overall health (free for everyone!)
  • Pain Relief & Rehab
  • Work Related stretches
  • Aerobic
  • Sports Improvement
  • Warm-Up
  • Cool-Down
  • Strengthening


Movement should be accessible to everyone, regardless of current physical ability, athletic skill level, or health concerns. Whether you are 5, 95, or somewhere in between, stretching offers many benefits for you! WeStretch is the ultimate guided stretching app for beginners and elite athletes alike!


WeStretch uses physiotherapist-approved stretching exercises to methodically move every joint in every direction. After all, movement is for life, and you deserve to embrace every moment of it! Each stretching workout will be unique and tailored specifically for you, based on your previous stretching history.


If you are feeling sore, wanting to improve your flexibility, or just want to get moving more, WeStretch is perfect for you! Your virtual instructor, Ada, will get you stretching in no time with full body stretches that will have you feeling great!


Once you create an account, all you have to do is set your time, choose your customizations, and your unique stretching routine will be ready in seconds! You can stretch in the time you have, whether that’s 3 minutes during your work break or up to an hour while supper is baking in the oven!


What are you waiting for? Download for free to see just how exactly daily stretching can make a difference in your life! Start stretching today!




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